Valeria Saavedra

I sometime I felt lost, I wasn’t happy with what they had studied and where he was working, she didn’t know that I wanted to in life, they let me carried away by the current. Having a clear goal in life is paramount, because you so you know what you want, as you can do it, you do to achieve that which you must change or develop. It is necessary to create actions that you intend doing your purpose and you have to commit yourself to yourself to meet them. I leave you some basic questions that help you discover your purpose in life, I ask you to be as sincere as possible with yourself, no matter how long you delay. The questions are as follows: about what you like or love to do? What you love or like to learn? If you had all the money in the world and time that you would. The life you have is how you want to or you are leaving you just carried away by the current.

If they give you the option of choosing what you like to do for the rest of your life? What would be your choice? What activity could do for free. Then you responded you you’re six questions with all sincerity. You have to pass to take action and follow these 3 steps: you have a list of the 10 skills you should develop to achieve your purpose. Write it down in detail. Program yourself for the days you are going to develop that activity or skill that you’ll help that you achieve purpose. It is never late to discover, what is your purpose in life. It is time to know yourself and enjoy what you really like to do, do not know the peace and fulfillment that you’ll feel. In addition you’ll make feel safe, with self-confidence overcome low self-esteem.