Weapons And Intentions

Despite the global crisis, the mentality of armed clash that took root during the cold war continues to influence much in their concerns and their decisions. For this reason, the speech of Obama in Prague has aroused very diverse and, at times, surprising reactions. The President of the United States proposed to substantially reduce the armament of the members of the nuclear club, until the eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons from the planet. This proposal would help reduce tensions on the globe, apart from deleting a few instruments whose dangerousness nobody goes unnoticed. Yet in recent months has has known incidents between nuclear submarines, equipped with weapons of enormous destructive power, in the course of their patrols of secret surveillance.

Seasoned analysts of international politics have not rested until tick to idealistic naive Obama’s disarmament. They have reproached him an angelic populism, of who holds the status of Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world. A pacifist Obama cartoons have been around the world. In the offices of powerful corporations who build complex and expensive components of nuclear weapon systems have been outlined some paternalistic smiles: now put feet on Earth, this naive Prophet of peace!. Because if it fails, you will experience how hard that is to confront half a century preceded the military-industrial complex denounced by a general who is in the White House. The same day that Obama expressed his advanced proposal, a North Korean missile postmarks Japan sky and ended her career in the Pacific, with what he contributed to rekindle the aforementioned mentality of cold war. What was the intention of the Government of North Korea in its missile display?