The peoples were classified as inferior and primitive given its so different customs of the known civilization. The concept of culture was basic to separate this biological determinismo of the behavior that the individual I acquired? ambiently? in conviviality with excessively of its group. We understand, then, culture as subdivises inside of the species human being, with characteristics, proper practical customs and of its group. Following the thought of Malinowski we comtemplamos that as much the functionality as the structure varies of a culture for another one. We can under this aspect understand why each culture deals differently with the ambient questions. The cultural diversity is mentioned, therefore, not only to the biological traces that, obviously differentiate, them while etinia, but also to the ambient aspects condition that them while social group. We are diverse cultural, social, biological, functional and structurally.

The biggest problem in the construction of a concincia that I choose to call ‘ ‘ bioativa’ ‘ it is in the loss of the identity of the modern and after-modern cultures. The advance of the globalization finishes for suggesting a search for one same identity for all the society human being, not standing out that the existence of the different cultures and its singularity while I break up all of one are that constitutes the main element: the diversity. This is general identity of the culture human being. The culture human being, as a whole, is not corporate for only one way of life, inside of it finds different groups with proper characteristics define that them culturally. He is oque we call cultural diversity. The identity of the groups is perceived still more that, the more pressure for a standardization more the individuals if deprive of characteristics, appear each time more subculturas, desfragmentando. This loss of identity more moves away to each time the individual from the understanding from its interrelation with the too much elements from the environment where it lives. Its existence is understood as other people’s the existence of others, more than moves away to each time the understanding of that the individual acts on the way and that the way acts on the individual, thus coming back our initial quarrel of that biodiversity is the addition of all the existing complexes in the environment where we live and that, in interdependence relation, forms a bigger complex that characterizes and is basic condition for our existence in the land.