The role of bacteria in the development of gastric and duodenal ulcers has long been assumed. In 1893 he first talked about finding micro-organisms in the stomach of animals, and in the 1940s, data were obtained on their discovery in Australia reported the presence of bacteria forms a spiral. In recent months, Kenneth R. Feinberg has been very successful. Since 1989, around the world this organism called Helicobacter pylori (Hp). Today, there are several factors that enable HP to settle in, and then a long stay in the body owner: Spiral formNalichie enzymes adaptatsiiAdgezivnost – The ability to bind Hp to epithelial cells zheludkPodavlenie immune system – as shown by the results of studies, the microorganisms can suppress immunity vmestny There are several mechanisms by which H is the development of the disease: Toxins and toxic fermentyStimulyatsiya vospaleniyIzmenenie zheludkToksiny physiology and Epidemiology of toxic enzymes Hp infection usually occurs in childhood and if left untreated is present in the body indefinitely. Hp infection rate among children ages 2 to 8 years in developing countries 10% per year, reaching almost 100% of the adult age. In developed countries the prevalence of H also increases with age, but infection in children is relatively low. The natural routes of transmission Hp tank is above all a man, but infection is also found in domestic cats, monkeys and pigs.

There are two possible routes of transmission: fecal-oral and, to a lesser extent, oral-oral. Fecal-oral putCherez contaminated drinking water (Hp can survive up to 2 weeks in cold river and sea water). When eating raw vegetables, which is used for watering the untreated waste water. Oral-oral putImeyutsya data with a high survival rate for Hp in dental plaque and slyune.Naimenee frequent – not through disinfected endoscopes and biopsy forceps (iatrogenic transmission). DISEASES RELATED NELICOBACTER PYLORI Hp is found in patients suffering from these diseases: peptic ulcer (ulcer disease; BU) GastritNeyazvennaya dyspepsia (NYAD) Gastric cancer Gastric and duodenal ulcers: from 90 to 100% of individuals with duodenal ulcers are infected with a stomach infection Hp.Pri BU Hp close to 85% of the most convincing evidence of the role of Hp in the development of ulcers is a positive trend in the course of the disease after eradication therapy.