Summary Of The Film: The Reader

The reader The film starts to be told in 1950, Michael Berg, the reader relembrando perhaps the moments happyest of its life, therefore in the film the scenes of sexos do not represent only the act in itself, but the discovery of the two personages, it discovering the sex, because Hanna was to the first woman who it had sexual relation, and it, however, discovering the magical world that involves the so unknown literary universe for it, and in this pleasure to hear the readings made for it, also intent it makes, it to perceive that it has talent and knows to represent. The personage for two times left the life of it, at the first moment when it appears the first and only crisis in the relationship, when accuses it not to have if remembered of its anniversary, it mentions that the schoolmates had made a party to it surprise, indirectly it shows for it that its world is not of it, therefore also exists the difference of age, and the second time if she gave for the suicide. He has a part in the film, (either a digresso imposed for the author to perhaps deviate ours attention), very intriguing by signal that is when it is promoted by having done a good report, however everything we lead to believe that it was not made who it, and when the head says that it anger to work in the administrative sector, this cause to it astonishment, this also was one of the reasons that it has used to run away, (therefore was felt incapable to exert this new position) without knowing the wronged reader screen can, therefore at any moment it confesses that she does not have domain of the writing and the reading. They reencontram eight years of total separation after, in a court where it is the reverse speed, defendant of crimes of war committed by the nazistas, being accused to participate of holocausto, during the judgment the judge, asks to it if it made the reports that decided for the choice that would take the death mistreats of them, it say that not, but the other guards that worked with it they accuse it to you it fact, and the judge to collate the letters asks for that it writes some thing so that either make the comparison, ahead of the pressure made for the judge it decides to confess to have make reports and are at this moment, that reading perceives it that it is lying, and everything is clearly for it, when it starts to reflect of the reading moments, in the restaurant that it asks for it to make the order of the meals. Learn more about this with Primerica term life insurance.