Beeline Corporate

So do not be surprised if you selected wonderful 'reflex blue' will be encountered in other companies. And at every step. " 'Such a problem does exist – I agree Vitaly Vilensky. – That is why a full brand consists not only of colors and shades. Twice as hard, if firms with a similar color scheme works in one market. " A few examples: blue 'Patterson' and 'The Seventh Continent' green BP and Yukos, the Reds 'M. Video' and 'World' brown 'Chocolate' and 'Coffee House'.

Successful company does not bother them the same coloring. Against the background of 'monotony' of market leaders is quite natural desire to smaller players to be like them. However, in most cases, no damage to the leaders of this 'plagiarism' is not harmful, and 'kids' brings is not so much good. Mimicry by the leader of a company can insure against the threat of a very very inadequate corporate identity. But to get consumers love her brand plagiarism can not. Meanwhile, supporters of the aggressive marketing communications experience with back problems.

Part of the audience simply 'tired' from their corporate colors, even if Overall they are organic. 'Because of the aggressiveness of the style of the brand' Beeline 'quickly tired of some consumers, and began to irritate – evaluates the results of re-branding his rival Alexander Manin. – Our dear colleagues have yet to prove to the market that a visually appealing way is a profound idea. " It is chosen. The impact of color on the human psyche has long been scientifically proven by many studies.