Since July 1, Panama Reduces The Corporate Tax Rate

Recently, the President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli has signed a bill to reform the Tax Code of Panama, under which will be taken several measures to reduce the tax burden on companies to ensure the sustainability fiscal and simplified system of taxes and fees. To improve the competitiveness of Panama to the world market, the bill provides for the reduction in corporate tax rate from 30% to 25%, although the time frame in that this reduction will occur, yet to be determined. However, the bill sets higher licensing fees for banks that are residents of Panama. The size of this collection will vary from 75.000 U.S. dollars for banks, total assets exceeding $ 1 million, and will make $ 1 million for banks with assets, the value of which exceeds 2 billion U.S.

dollars. The bill also changes the rate of sales tax from 5% to 7% and establishes a sales tax on landlines and mobile phones with prepaid. Under the bill, snack bars and restaurants do not sell alcoholic beverages shall be exempt from the obligation to pay sales tax. Products for children are also exempt from tax. In addition, for companies operating in the agricultural sector, the limit of tax exemption will be increased from $ 150,000 to $ 250,000, and they will not have to file an income tax return. In general, the bill modernizes the tax code and abolish 30 taxes.

Tax Code will also contain provisions to establish an administrative court, which will deal with complaints on tax matters. Provisions of the bill take effect July 1, 2010. It is worth noting that the legislation in Panama taxation – one of the most liberal. Corporate tax (income tax) depends on the source of revenue. This means that if the income is received from a commercial activity carried out for outside the territory of Panama, this income is not subject to taxation in Panama. This company pays only the annual single tax (Annual Corporate Franchise Tax). The presence of an office in Panama is not sufficient for taxation. Dividends paid out of such income are also exempt from taxation. Thus, these changes will affect the bill is the local companies working with residents of Panama and receiving income in Panama.

New Year’s Corporate Holiday

Thinking in advance and preparing a Christmas program, can reduce not only financial costs, but also your own emotional stress. Professionally organized event is an effective tool achieve corporate objectives in the company’s personnel, establishment of good relations with customers and partners. Creative Workshop Andrew Kislyuk for many years providing services to organize and conduct corporate events of any complexity – from the party for 50 people to the city’s major projects. Today we can offer you the options of the conceptual ideas of the “New Year’s celebration in 2008.” Option 1. “Knights of Round Table.

” History of the company from the perspective of the Code of the Knights of all time. Round Table knights are “elders” – Knights of the company. The main story is in verse form, stylistically matching a particular character. The company, in this context is represented as a kind of principality with its own laws, images, characters. This will give the opportunity to take part in the action of a maximal number of employees. Each of the following advantages will be backed up by real life example of the company relative to the working points, nuances and interesting contests. 1. Knight should differ beauty overdress.

2. Knight necessary remarkable strength. 3. Knight should be generous, without bargaining, to give anyone what he asks. 4. Knight should be generous. 5. Knight should be courageous 6. Knight has to take care of maintaining its glory. 7. Knight has to respect the opponent. 8. Knight has the right to withdraw. 9. Knight has to take care of citizens 10. Knight should be faithful to duty and their obligations in relation to his equal, giving an oath not to violate it under any circumstances. This approach to New Year’s corporate holiday will raise the value of the company, and as a consequence, increase the value of each employee. Option 2. “Formula of Love” The famous adventurer, Count Cagliostro, accompanied by his very extravagant entourage arrives in Russia to produce the formula of love. Here he comes to New Year’s corporate holiday. All Cagliostro-night host is busy identifying the formula, because This company, in its opinion, the most appropriate example of people who love their job. His entourage – the Italians and girls selyanki (professional actors) perform cabaret numbers, hold contests. All contests and pop numbers used in this program are original, and developed on the subject. No nonsense, stylish and unusual program will allow each employee to take directly involved in the action, a charge the festive mood and relax here. Option 3. Corporation of stars! Unconventional form of a corporate holiday, which serves as the development and strengthening corporate spirit in the company, increase employee loyalty, team building. The idea is to provide entertainment corporate event like a gala concert “Stars Inc.”, where “Stars” is the company’s staff. The principle of “Star Academy”, where the inexperienced skill in stage people are professional authors of the texts, arrangers, sound engineers, director, costume designers, makeup artists. When you order a New Year celebration before November 1, and a system of bonuses, which depend on the approved concept of the holiday. The individual scenario development holiday.

Customer Information

Information on the label should be written so that consumers may be interested. Sometimes not enough to create a beautiful label, one must also consider the manufacture of the entire package relating to a particular environment of use. So, what should be a label, to interest and attract potential customers. Presentable in appearance design, inspiring confidence, pleasant, and attach text content. Secondly, the label should not be stupid or boring, if that does not require those. mission, approved by the customer. For example, you work on the project design and positioning of a wine bottle.

It is not enough just to hang out on the market product range and to disclose the value of each series of wines. An important factor for the correct positioning of the drink is an interesting development legends about the origin of wine, facts, cases. Of course, the information must be accompanied by interesting illustrations and stories, so the information about the wine does not stop to make a few interesting photos of the place where grow those same vineyards, from which this is actually an alcoholic beverage. And this is only part of a marketing strategy. The fact that the self will be a visual image, thinking through this – is the first and most important stage of development. To do this we first of the conversation with the customer define the objectives and strategy for the conduct of its companies. Collects information about the drink, its advantages, as well as competitive companies (that they are represent themselves as positioned – should be analyzed the pros and cons of their resources) – it all into the development of alcoholic products.

The Corporate Environment Makes a Difference

It is possible to increase the productivity of a company by making the corporate environment as pleasing and user-friendly as possible. It is important to concentrate on making the office space as functional, comfortable and professional as possible so that the company projects a professional look while allowing the people in the office as much comfort and convenience as possible.

Comfort is essential. Hire an expert on ergonomics to work with each of your employees individually to custom design the right environment for each person. Adjust height of chairs, distance to computer screens, add footrests, adjust lighting and noise level, so that each and every one of your employees can work un-hampered by discomfort. Remember to encourage employees to get up and walk around every hour for ten minutes to avoid repetitive movement disorders and back and eye strain.

Think about the best layout in your space with the number of employees in that space. Communally used equipment, like printers and scanners, should be located centrally, with easy access to everyone that uses that equipment. Position the desks, chairs, shelves, and tables so that they are easy to walk around. Try to maintain as much open space as possible while placing work teams or co-workers from the same departments together for easy communication and convenience.

Other things to think about are noise levels and using mobile furniture to more easily redesign and allow the company to grow more easily. Carpets, paneling and ceiling tiles can reduce noise levels greatly. Segregating employees that talk a lot on the phone or other noisier equipment or personnel can go a long way to reducing the noise level around the quieter employees, and help to improve productivity.