Message For Marketers, From A Baby Boomer

I think we still do not get the memo to marketers and advertising agencies. But if any of their representatives are reading this message, please remember the fifties. And take note that the sector with more purchasing power walk in the 50 years of age. This is an example of how wrong go: Yesterday, my friend Gloria received a phone call saying he took her by surprise. Waiting for the call from his doctor, he entered another call from an 800 number.

A telemarketing call. But this was not the problem, but the outcome of the call. Please note: Ring, Ring (more music from your cell phone ringer) Gloria: Well. Young Male Voice: Good afternoon, we call (can not remember the name of the company’s complicated, of course, the young man said to the speed of light), do you I can ask you some questions? Gloria: Yes, but where’s his name? (Half molesta). Young male voice: “belongs to a group of people between 18 and 29 years of age? Gloria: no (ready to hang).

Voice young male: belongs to the group of people between 30 and 39 years old? Gloria: No (more puzzled than angry.) Young male voice: “belongs to a group of people between 40 and 49? Gloria: no. Young male voice: hung up. GLORIA: “stunned. Now I have to take note: According to U.S. census, in 2010 people over age 45 constitute 40 percent of the U.S. population. And census data from 2002, also in the United States women 55-64 years old comprise the largest consumer of clothing and personal accessories, with a per capita expenditure averaged $ 788 per year, followed by group of women 45-54 years, which spends $ 732 on average. Let’s face it, most companies are not taking into consideration the consumer sector in 50 years of age when deciding which products to promote. But there is one irrefutable fact: most baby boomers are married to the health, well being, with enjoy life to the fullest. And we know that to achieve this, we need to be healthy. If you visit my room, they could have at least 20 different vials and bottles with various vitamins and creams. And not to mention the massage apparatus. We have a wonderful base that can be placed on any chair, and when turned back massages. And if we continue the tour of the house, any marketer or advertiser would be amazed at the amount and variety of books and audio books we have accumulated over the years. Please, dear marketers and advertisers, notice any restaurant around and see that orders for more expensive dishes are tables with people over 45 years, as the consumption of quality wines and spirits. But if you do not believe me because I am a hedonist possibly incorrigible, explore the internet for consumer trends. I recommend reading this interesting study: Deloitte Research Studies. And welcome to the world of consumers safer, the fifties. Lupita Huerta, author of the blog Blog dedicated to those who are already enjoying its 50th anniversary, and for those who like me, simply because we got to the fabulous 50.