Creativity Thought

One of the most important points is to modify the paper of the instructor, teacher, unique professor like the knowledgeable one of the matter. Therefore the creative capacity depends, of how creative are not the people, but of the conditions that Guide they create to foment the innovating spirit of its people.Giving self-confidence to the mental preferences of the people, always transforming the form into which we thought and we tolerated, motivating and paying attention to the emotional thing with an interrelation through the communication. Relativizing the capacity and the possibility of the rules and norms. Not being against to the thoughts or reflective reasonings of the other but incorporating them, combining them and transforming, the creativity includes to reformulate ideas and to make it like an expectation not a risk, the errors must serve to us to reinitiate the reflection process, to create new hypotheses, to share the imagination, the intuition, the logic, the aesthetic sense. A rich one is needed half that stimulates the creative thought, something that seems to be essential. It is important to maintain spontaneity, to recognize the creative efforts and to reinforce the creative capacity. Barron (1969) note that " the creative process includes dialectic incessant between integration and an expansion, convergence and divergence, texis and anttesis".

In the article Creativity and Cognition: Producing Effective Novelty, Arthur J. Cropley (1999) mentions several experts who explain the creative thought resisting two strategies. First it is Guilford, that maintains that the creative thought is divergent, that is to say, that produces variability (surrounds to produce new and possible multiple answers of the information available). In contrast, the convergent thought produces singularity (only it looks for the most correct answer). Barlett, on the other hand, considers that the thought can be abierto or be closed. As well, the Gestalt philosophy, identifies the reproductive thought and the productive one.