Social Problems

It is treated to give a solution, simultaneously, to the ambient problems and the social problems. The problems that it deals with the ecology do not affect only the environment. They affect the being most complex of the nature that is the man. SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION the ambient education or, as I can say, the sustainable education is defined according to Days (1992, p 92) as a permanent process, in which the individuals and the community take conscience of the environment and acquire the knowledge, the values, the abilities, the experiences and the determination take that them apt to act individual and collectively to decide ambient problems gifts and futures. still continues the author ' ' if it characterizes for incorporating the social dimensions, economic, cultural, ecological and ethical politics, what it means that when dealing with any ambient problem, must be considered all dimenses.' ' Ahead of this problematic one I can detach here one of the main objectives in what it says respect to the sustainable education: to provide to all the society the conscience of if adopting behaviors and ambiently adequate attitudes, making possible the development of strategies that are come back toward the construction of a sustainable society, that is, establishing standards that one better quality of life provides. In accordance with Jacobi (2003): In these times where the information assumes a role each more excellent time, ciberespao, multimedia, Internet, the education for the citizenship represent the possibility to motivate and to sensetize the people to transform the diverse forms of participation into the defense of the quality of life. In this direction it fits to detach that the ambient education assumes each time plus a transforming function, in which the co-responsabilizao of the individuals becomes an objective essential to promote a new type of development? sustainable development (Jacobi, 2003, p.192). However we can affirm that the ambient education is a condition necessary to modify the degradation state which the planet is submitted.