Economic Detective Agency

Fields of activity of economic investigation agency an economic detective agency can help you to uncover cases of economic crime in your company. When it comes to corruption or fraud by your own staff, can as an employee disguised detective inconspicuously determine facts and secure evidence for example with photo or video footage. Finally you will receive a detailed report, the if necessary before a judge has lasted. Of course, the detectives of the economic detective agency in such cases are ready to present their findings in court. The need to track down economic crimes, for example, by powering an economic Detective Agency and to take preventive measures, shows a representative survey from the year 2009, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) created together with the Martin-Luther-University Halle Wittenberg on the security situation in German corporations.

This reveals that economic crime has serious consequences for the German corporations. Therefore is the financial loss in 2009 each affected company an average of 5.57 million 61% of the 500 companies surveyed said to be have been damaged in the past two years in the form of relevant offences. On average, there were eight damage cases. The financial losses are added enormous intangible damages such as loss of image, impaired relationships and declining morale. An economic detective agency is in charge, to determine in the commercial sector and to observe.

Is typically about Affairs with employees, competitors, or debtors. Newer fields of activity for an economic Detective Agency are among other things patent matters, the listening defense to ward off of espionage, as well as area of computer forensics. On the basis of their experience, an economic detective agency can not only help to clarify suspected cases, she can also advise undertaking preventive measures future economic crimes are to stop. Uses of an economic detective agency at a glance: review of Employees on sick-leave investigation of billing fraud introduce a detectives in your company vehicle repatriation investigation of theft / embezzlement investigation of insurance fraud investigation of industrial espionage / sideline address discovery Coputerforensik should you have any further questions on the subject of “Commissioning an economic detective agency”, can you like to contact the author of this article. Detective Agency silver