Today Sunday, may 3 the third day is met without deaths by influenza in Mexico, for the time being because an atmosphere more relaxed, I think it might be time to reflect a bit what we have experienced these past days. The suspension of classes at the national level was a great blow to all citizens of the country, for my I mean holidays more boring that Hey had, there is nothing to do, everything is closed and reunite at a party is not a good idea, for my dads I mean a drop in sales, no one is in the streets, thousands of people meant having no where to leave your children and for all the country meant the trigger of the panic by being a very drastic measure. Panic purchases were not made to wait, you were going to any pharmacy and all the covers mouths have been exhausted, the abusive not missed, at truck stops you could find people selling them at an excessive price, especially in the city of Mexico, which are the most affected by this disease, the Mexican people as always willing to help others no?da sadness that when more need help people only want to take advantage of the situation, this is one of the reasons why Mexico nothing else it does not pit, among many others. Author: the source for more info. People to congratulate?, I would first of all to all those workers in hospitals who are at the greatest risk, doctors, doctors, nurses, nurses, all personnel that is giving the hand to the need. These days it is running the rumor that classes will remain suspended until the day may 11, does true or false? No thing, we have to wait for an official statement, some have begun to say that influenza was just an invention of the Government, something planned to distract us from the current economic crisis caused by the recession in the U.S., if you are one of these people and these reading this article, please not dispersed the rumor, the only thing you do is reflect the low level of culture that you have, it’s really an insult to say this already that the Mexican economy is is affecting much by the fear of the people go to places or simply exit to the Street, not to mention all the establishments that have been forced to close temporarily and the impressive decline in tourism, believe me any Government it would affect its economy this way. It is important that in these times we simply help each other, we should not take these days as vacation to go to the beach, all if not that follow the recommendations that we have already reported and more than anything does not help spread flu, consents.