Market Structure

Many prefer this type of biscuit for his ability to retain shape and not crumble. It comes with different flavors napolnitelyami.O protracted protracted pastry biscuits (mostly imported) – dry, layered. It contains less sugar and fat than Butter and sugar. Typically, this is a smooth pastry with uniform holes, such as biscuits. Swarmed by offers, author is currently assessing future choices. About flavoring for flavored biscuits with cream-colored produce, fruit, chocolate, nuts and other fillings and fillers with different types of obsypok (from flax seed, millet, poppy, sesame, etc.), Glazed cookies. In recent years the market has appeared several new varieties of cookies, which are added to the dough healthy ingredients: bran, cereals, vitamins, and carotene.

Market Structure The market share of packaged cookies cookies on Russia as a whole since the end of 1998, gradually declining. The share of cookies sold by weight, in contrast, is growing rapidly – in Russia in Overall the end of 1998 it increased by about 10%. Without hesitation Nicholas Carr explained all about the problem. Packaged cookies very high demand in Moscow and St. Petersburg, by weight – in the North, Northwest and Volga-Vyatka regionah.Otechestvennoe and imported in low price segment share of domestic manufacturers is about 80-90%. Imported cookies, represented on the shelves of our stores, usually refers to high-price segment. Despite the fact that Russians Recently, tend to consume domestic foods, there is a tendency of gradual increase in the share of consumption of imported packaged cookies, although at present a gap in the ratio of consumption shares imported and domestic biscuit and very velik.Nachinka price bulk of the market is not filled cookies and any additives.