Personal Plan

If you had the opportunity to work with me in my pilot program " It unties the Power of your Dinero" (based on method MBM) you know that my basic belief is that " as well as beams the money is since it beams todo". The relation that you have with the money is a reflection of the relation that you have with same you. The money is basically a metaphor for the sense of your own one was worth and self-esteem. One is to increase to your self-esteem and your patrimony. They go on a par. The money is a part of our lives that we needed to daily handle, to face, to fix and to pay attention even several times throughout every day.

He is something that never will disappear while we are walking and breathing on this planet. The good news is that it is easy to realise a great transformation in your form of relacionarte with the money. When you begin to hacerte a series of powerful questions, quickly you will begin to include/understand the relation that exists between how you value yourself same, other aspects of your life and your other relations. He is really magician when you can experience this. Today I want to share with you one of the exercises that I teach within my program MBM (Money Breakthrough Method) Secret To increase your Patrimony and your Self-esteem.

There is a section where we spoke on pardoning the debts and other problems of money of your past by which you can sentirte guilty. I am going to share with you one of the exercises of that module that is to create your personal plan of debt payment: Step 1: It enumerates all the debts from smallest to greatest. It includes to whom you must money to him, the amount to pay, the interest rate, the date of payment and the required minimum payment.