Head System

We can get angry or to protest by the unjust thing of the system, but abarremos losing. We have that to pay the fine and to undergo the corresponding loss of time and money. Givens adds, if we insisted on fighting against any system dominated by others, sooner or later we will lose: you can be safe. What to do then. It contributes Givens to us, that is due to play according to his rules, besides to have present that when one gambles in other people’s territory and we disobey the rules or we tried to change them without the agreement of did that them, we condemned to lose. If ours objective is to dominate our mind, life and ours own future, how we must to operate indeed, when apparently, we do not have voice nor vote in the subject? The answer is simple: simply we play according to the rules, although we have not done them.

If to win it is to progress the possible maximum towards ours dreams and I put, at the most time and energy we have available for that intention, before it will be possible to obtain what we looked for. Fighting against the system we lose time and energy. Perhaps we tend by nature to deceive the system and we pruned to prevail, but only in the short term. In the long term, we will lose. We will lose credibility, authority, money, " imagen" and until the use or the affective relation.

Whenever we fight against a system that we did not prune to change nor to dominate, we took those to lose. If we decided to have left we in other people’s territory, only we can to win playing according to the rules of the place we like or no. Givens relates in addition, that we consider that when we worked to the orders of another one and we want to prevail in ours use, experimenting the satisfaction to receive ascents and increases of pay, our unique possible strategy is to play according to the rules of the company or the head.