Region North

It enters the taxes for the natural person, of the credit card was only steady in the month, in 10,68%. The interests of the guaranteed check had fallen for 7,66% to the month, the lesser tax since December of 2007. Already the interests of the CDC of Banks had fallen for 2,88% to the month, the minor of the historical series. Annual comparison of dadosMas, exactly with the increase in April, the annual confrontation (against the same 2008 month) the demand of the consumers is supported negative, with fall of 11,4% in April before same month of 2008. In the gathered of the first quadrimestre of 2009, the search of the consumers for credit was 6.3% minor who the platform observed in first the four months of 2008.Em the regional research, the biggest increase of the search for credit in April was noticed in the Region North (high of 15%), folloied of close for the Regions South (+11.9%) and Southeast (+11.5%).

After that, they come the Regions Northeast (+9.2%) and Center-West (+4.9%). In the North, the expressive whitewashing of the demand, about 20% in last the two months (5.4% in March and 15% in April), restored index the same the level of September, when the economic crisis if aggravated. The process of also retaken is verified in the too much regions, but with lesser force. However, in the gathered of the first quadrimestre, all the regions still show fall in the demand of the consumers for credit. The lesser fall is observed in the Region North (- 2.1%), followed for Center-West (- 2.8%), Southeast (- 5.3%), South (- 7.3%) and Northeast (- 11.5%).

The increase of the demand for credit in April was homogeneous as for the monthly personal income. This rise was of 10,3% (consuming with monthly income between R$ 1 a thousand and R$ 2 a thousand) and 12.1% (income above of R$ 10 a thousand). As the company, this homogeneity is a signal that benefits the consistency of this process of recovery. But, in the gathered of the first quadrimestre, the low income (consuming with monthly profits of up to 500 Reals) leads the fall in the search for credit (11% jib). The too much bands of income oscillate between negative variations of -5% (income between R$ 5 a thousand and R$ 10 a thousand) the -6,4% (between R$ 1 a thousand and R$ 2 a thousand). The Pointer Serasa Experian of the Demand of the Consumer for Credit, launched in 17 of March, is calculated on the basis of a sample of about 11,5 million Cadastros of Pessoa Fsica (CPF) consulted monthly in the database of the company.