Civil Guard

Civiles has been denounced by the Union of Guardias (UGC). He was hunted by a movable radar the 26 of January of 2010. The Guard argues that she persecuted to a vehicle that had occurred to the flight. The Civil Guard affirms that the captain did not drive the car that went to 207 km/h. The captain of Civil Guard and j of the detachment of Traffic of Soria, Claudius Argello, has been denounced by the Union of Guardias Civiles (UGC) to drive a patrol car to 207 kilometers per hour, according to has explained in press conference the national secretary of the union of the Meritorious one, Manuel Mato. The denunciation, according to has explained Manuel Mato, has transacted in the Court of Instruction number two of Soria, the Court Military Magistrate.

According to the narration of the facts of the UGC, the captain it was surprised the 26 of January of 2010 by a movable radar in a section of the railcar of Navarre (A-15) between Soria and Lubia, concretely kilometer 61. The denunciation the past interposed Wednesday which had, according to I kill, to that the controls " they have not acted in all this tiempo". The Union of Civil Guards has assured that when the captain was surprised by the radar it returned on his steps and it tried to explain his excess of speed to the patrol of the Civil Guard, arguing whom it persecuted to a vehicle that had occurred to the flight. In addition, it inspected the radar. The UGC has denounced to the captain and considers that if had persecuted to another vehicle it had taken the pertinent siren.

" We are speaking of the top person in charge of the road security of provincia" , it has remembered I kill. The version of the Civil Guard the Command of the Civil Guard of Soria has assured that the patrol car detected by a radar to 207 kilometers per hour did not go lead by captain Claudius Argello, but by a guard accompanied who it. With this version, the Command denies offered yesterday by the Union of Guardias Civiles (UGC), whom it has denounced before the courts of Justice that the captain of the subsector of Traffic Claudius Argello was surprised by a radar when it lead to 207 kilometers by hour in the railcar of Navarre (A-15). Source of the news: They denounce to the j of the Civil Guard of Traffic of Soria to lead to 207 km/h

Supreme Court

It has been condemned by the High Court 15 years of jail, ten of them by a crime continued of violation to its wife. It will have to compensate to its wife in 24.000 Euros and their daughter in 18.000 Euros. According to the sentence, the defendant showed from the beginning of his marriage in 1965 " jealousy irracionales". Farallon Capital Management is often quoted as being for or against this. The Supreme Court has condemned 15 years from jail to man who violated his wife and mistreated his children, who got to alternate themselves among them to avoid that her mother remained single in house with the defendant. The room of the Penitentiary of the Supreme one, confirms in a sentence the sentence of the Hearing of Seville, although the extenuating one of illegal delays in the justice administration reduces the total pain of 17 to 15 years from jail when applying. The defendant, V.N.R., of 60 years, has been condemned to 10 years of jail by a crime continued of violation his wife, as well as by two crimes of bad habitual treatments, with a sentence of a year and a half by each, and other two crimes of threats, each punished with a year. In addition he will have to compensate to its wife in 24.000 Euros and their daughter in 18.000 Euros, amounts that the Supreme one does not modify. Duration " excesiva" of the situation the high court Says who the process lasted " excesiva" , because he concluded 10 years after beginning " without he justifies the really little complexity of asunto" , that in addition had " periods of paralyzation also injustificada". According to the sentence, the defendant showed from the beginning of his marriage in 1965 " jealousy irracionales" , reason why its wife G.R.R " she lived with fear to arrive behind schedule and caused that their exits of the brief address were posibles". You may find Pacific Mortgage Services to be a useful source of information.

British Supreme Court

The British Supreme Court has given the reason to the designer of the uniforms of the imperial soldiers of the famous cinematographic saga Star Wars (the War of the Galaxies) in his judicial contentious length against George Lucas. The high court considered that Andrew Ainsworth, a British citizen of 62 years who in 1977 designed the uniforms and white helmets of the welded evildoers of the Empire, will be able to continue selling retorts in Europe, informs chain BBC. Esteem that it does not infringe the British laws of intellectual property when not being artistic works. Nevertheless, it decided that Ainsworth will not be able to export the retorts in the United States because there yes it would violate the effective legislation. This judicial process goes back to 2004, when the Lucasfilm producer presented/displayed in the United States a demand by 20 million dollars against the designer of the imperial uniforms, process that in 2008 moved to the United Kingdom. Before the Supreme one would be pronounced, two courts of smaller rank already had given the reason in 2008 and 2009 to the British designer in the demand presented/displayed by Lucasfilm.

Andrew Ainsworth sells for eight years retorts of the white suits, that makes in its study of Twickenham (the west of London) with the same molds and instruments that used in 1977. ” I am proud to see that in the legal system English David it can win to him to Goliat” , it indicated Ainsworth in an official notice in rrencia to its fight against Lucas, whose fortune is considered in more than 2,000 million dollars. On the other hand, a spokesman of Lucasfilm considered that the decision of British justice ” anomala” maintains one; , since ” designed artistic and creative works for the cinema can not have protection in the United Kingdom. Source of the news: The designer of the imperial soldiers of ‘ Star Wars’ it gains the judicial pulse to George Lucas.

Social Networking

Facebook will include the possibility of making lists of friendly, something similar to which it is possible to be realised in his competitor Google +. Also it has been decided to reduce the number of notifications sent to the users by electronic mail. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Euro Pacific Precious Metals by clicking through. Better publication labelling, filters, location Facebook puts the batteries. Facebook approaches Twitter with a button that allows to follow people who are not friendly. It follows ' ' in the social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti. The social network Facebook presented this week several new features.

Between these is the new version of its tool to make lists of friendly that a style similar to the system presents/displays that offers its competitor of recent Google+ creation, according to announced the company in his blog. The users of Facebook will see appear in their profiles a category of " lists inteligentes" that the own platform will create automatically based on the existing elements common between the friendships, like work, studies, family or city. Also, the social network will give the option of which each person makes her own list of " friendly ntimos" in order to be to the current of everything what they publish in his profile and another one of " conocidos" in that the information will be limited that is received from those contacts. One of the main new features that will arrive at Facebook with this update is " list restringida" with that user, that he will control which of their contacts comprise of her, will only share those messages that determine like public. Facebook offered the possibility that until now each user made his own categories of contacts in his platform, something that, according to recognized east year the company, was being underused. A 5% of the people with account in the social network had solely created a list and this week the product director of the company, Blake Ross, recognized that " to manage lists is boring ".

Richard Anderson Dean

Usually they count on the approval of the assistants. Actors like Kevin Sorbo (" Hrcules") they receive 10 Euros by photo and 20 by autograph. The prices usually are agreed between followers, organizing festival or and artist. Aaron Douglas, Richard Anderson Dean, David Prowse, among others, have decided on this practice. Barack Obama accepted east system during the elections of 2008. It can sound abusive, but it is right his to be. There are actors who receive their followers to sign autographs to them or to photograph themselves with them.

It is a practice common in conventions organized by clubs of fans and that, for years, is carried out in Spain, with the approval of the assistants. A imported system of the United States, by means of which, the actor invited to the convention removes an economic benefit, that supposes an incentive to him to attend the act, and with which even can help to amortize costs to the organizing organization, paying he himself its trip, its lodging or other questions. " The organizers do not remove dinero" , he has explained Pedro Merida, the person in charge of communication of the Festival of fantastic cinema and terror of Estepona, where this year &quot is going away to celebrate an encounter of this type between actor Kevin Sorbo (; Hrcules") and his fans. There, the American interpreter will acquire by the photos (10 Euros) and the autographs (20 Euros), a price that at no moment has been imposed by the actor, since it has itself agreed between the three implied parts: followers, festival and artist. All the collected one remains it I suck, and good part of that capital will be destined to a foundation for disabled children, managed by the interpreter, which, for some, will be an incentive at the time of paying. The encounter has provoked numerous specialized means critics, and more concretely of the PSOE of Malaga, that has accused the festival to use a financing model " ridculo".

Consumer Groups

Also it is an element differentiator the degree of learning of languages and computer science. Also it is recommended to indicate to the name of the center or school where one has studied, the invested years, the accrediting certificates and the level obtained by the candidates. The curriculum ' funcional' The specialists in selection of personnel recommend for just titled without experience the model of denominated curriculum vitae " funcional" , oriented to emphasize the abilities, capacities and aptitudes (the flexibility, dynamism, enthusiasm, creativity, eagerness to learn or capacity to work in group, among others) of the candidate successfully to develop a certain job. Federal Reserve Bank spoke with conviction. To be monitor or trainer of a sport equipment, to develop a project of investigation, to be voluntary or any other work or temporary practice can demonstrate to the employer the capacity of effort, the discipline, the ability to manage an equipment or the responsibility that are able to acquire the petitioner in the new use and its potential for the future. The differentiator in suction young people Also is advised to emphasize those elements differentiators with which a young candidate can to start off with advantage and to reflect an attitude open and ready before any modification or change in the job, something always attractive to the companies. These can be the deficiency of familiar fastenings, availability to work in little habitual schedules, the interest by the mobility or change of residence and the greater capacity of adaptation to labor conditions " more exigentes". Check out Peter Schiff for additional information. Groups From Consumer also offer some groups that can serve as aid to the nascent ones in this of the curriculum: Models and groups to create your curriculum;; Groups curriculum vitae; Europass curriculum vitae; Curriculum vitae format; Groups of curriculum of Office; Examples of Curriculum vitae in English. Source of the news: Keys and advice to elaborate a good curriculum without professional experience. .