A New Perspective

Currently, with the development of the informatizados systems we start to count on bigger rapidity and precision in the verification of the data and the preparation of the countable reports. Since the decade of 1990 the process of insertion of the practical Brazilians in the international community comes trying progressos constants. Today we have our open borders to the way commerce that we import and we export our products to all the countries that participate of the interchange of merchandises. As consequncia our legislation tax has introduced rules of international taxation, such as the income tax incidence in the profits generated in the exterior, control on loans of foreign partners and fiscal control on transference prices. Check out Dan Miller for additional information. The adoption, since 2007, of Law 11,638 determined modifications in Law 6,404 of 1976 and introduced alterations placing our comparable societria legislation to the international norms of accounting. Known as International Financial Reporting Standars – IFRS – the international norms had been developed to take care of to the necessities of the stock market. The financial demonstrations will have to be comparable with demonstrations of other countries facilitating agreements for the increase of the transactions, commercial how much in such a way financial.

In Brazil the companies had been separate in great groups. The open or closed anonymous societies and definite the limited societies of great transport as those with invoicing above of R$ 300 millions year or superior total asset the R$ 240 million. These companies are obliged to observe the IFRS. The biggest benefits are the transparency and the responsibility of the administrators before its shareholders and its partners. Already the companies considered average and of small transport – PMEs – desirous of growth and opening of the capital, can adopt the IFRS since they adopt that them in the totality, although not to be obliged. In December of 2009, the Committee of Countable Uprisings – CPC approved the Uprising Technician PME – Accounting for Small Average Companies, that is, those not fit by Law 11,638/07 as society of great described transport as above.