Violation Of Accounting Principles

As practice shows, the recent accountants many companies do not bother to study the content of regulations (standards) of accounting, and some of them do not represent the financial statements. In most cases, the accountants of enterprises concerned with tax reporting. What are the consequences may be of non-compliance of accounting principles? Typical violations of accounting principles registration list and the content of accounting principles and financial statements are presented in Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine" dated 16.07.1999 996-XIV and paragraph 18 of the P (s) A 1 "General Requirements for financial reporting. "Most of the bugs and kinks in the financial statements are the result of non-accountants in the two main principles: accruals and the related income and expenses on which to determine the financial result of the reporting period should be compared earnings of the reporting period with expenses that have been made to obtain these revenues. The income and expenses are recorded in the accounting and reporting when they occur, regardless of time of receipt and payment of money; diligence, according to which assessment methods used in accounting, must prevent undervaluation of commitments and expenses and overstatement of assets and income of the enterprise. Undetermined net realizable value of stocks of a typical violation of the precautionary principle is that companies do not represent the reserves on the balance sheet date on net realizable value. Many accountants are either not heard of this term, or do not know what document it predusmotreno.Napominaem, pursuant to paragraphs 24-26, P (s) A 9 "reserves" in the accounting and reporting Inventories are stated at the lower of two estimates: the original cost or net realizable value.

Accounting Services

For any company present, except the leading type of activity, there are many questions that need to solve with it. In this case, most such issues require special preparation: legal, tax and so on. More of this very important and this will require not only specific training, but at the same time and knowledge of the subtleties of the relationship with the national bureaucracy, are the nuances of organizing the financial life of any enterprise. Naturally, at this time legal services has, in principle, a considerable number of different companies, but in order to feel truly in full security, need to find the truly best. Jurists in the modern economic community can be called a true magician. In fact, because as the head of every company wants to give most of the difficult aspects to deal directly masters. As a trivial example: if the registration of companies, or their re-registration is carried out real professionals, if the company appear more numerous opportunities.

Even the time given up to allow direct administrative issues is minimized, moreover, reduces the level of expenditure allocated to allow the nuances of having connection with re-registration. Experts in able to produce all the desired maximum rate is not particularly distracting, with the employee organization that will be able to do their own workers' affairs. The success of any production is concentrated in highest quality planning of the whole process. Not just the main kind of activity, but also the elimination of the nuances of the certification, cash payments and the like. And if the company is small, then the accounting care for her – far more practical solution for a problem than the creation of personal accounts department with expensive professional economists.

Especially taking into account that the accounting – the question is more than difficult, and highly desirable that all acts with ties to the financial work, are processed on time and on standards. Since this is not solely the successful operation of the company, but also the formation of a clear structure calculations which facilitates further processing of final required financial statements. Selecting professional assistance, the organization acquires the optimal tax structure, all the nuances of licensing and registration brands. And it shows that the company prefers full personal success in the marketplace.

Configuration Details Accounting Enterprise

1C Accounting 8 is a universal program to automate accounting businesses of any size. '1 C: Accounting 8 'built on a new technology platform '1 C: Enterprise 8' – unique platform does not exist, it is ahead of trends in the development of software to automate companies in the world. '1 C: Accounting 8 'solves the full range of accounting tasks – from entering the primary documentation and automatic generation of entries for business transactions, to balance development and the automatic completion of quarterly reporting. In the '1 C: Accounting 8 'can keep track of business activities of several organizations in a knowledge base, as the overall tax regime, and for sts (including individual entrepreneurs working on USN) and utii. Separately, it should be noted the most significant differences between the standard configuration '1 C: Accounting 8 'from the standard configuration 1C 7.7: To maintain tax records (income tax) using a separate chart of accounts, similar in structure to the accounting chart of accounts – it simplifies comparison of data of tax and accounting. Implemented cost accounting of materials, goods and finished products in three ways: by average cost to fifo and lifo. By syllable can be Quantitative and accrual accounting.

Settlements with counterparties may be maintained as the contract in general and with specific settlement documents. In most documents, the user can independently change the corresponding accounts are used by default – it can be useful when the user has added a new account or subaccount. Has greater flexibility and scalability: A Guide preseed companies themselves can choose the number of licenses in the workplace for working with the program, the size of the database is practically unlimited, for large databases, we recommend the use of client-server job option. The program has a flexible mechanism for setting records. It is possible groupings, sorting and selection is not only a specific value, but also on the list of values for any props sampled values. For example, we can construct the 10 th card accounts not only for specific materials, but also for all the materials for which the rate of vat is 18% and the country of origin 'Belgium'. Journals papers there is a possibility filtering on multiple fields, the ability to sort not only by date but by number, and sorting can be either ascending or descending order.

Through the use of 1S Enterprise 8 configuration already has a mechanism for the distribution database that allows you to quickly set up data exchange between remote branch offices in the mode 'OFF-LINE' (mode of the periodic exchange of data). In conclusion, I would say that due to expansion functionality of the platform 8, configuration is much faster under the user's requirements, while allowing the new platform improved compared with the platform 7.7. The delivery program includes free subscription to drive its (Information technology support) for 6 months. Updating and maintenance of the program occurs only when you subscribe to its.

Robert Schumann

It was a difficult composer tastes. Beethoven, Schubert and Schumann were not among his favorites. Was severe with himself and others, published only works considered worthy. He despised the shallow and deep music, of which there were many examples. It had hidden traces of undeclared thoughts.

Chopin did not reveal the source of his inspiration, which was unique, with no parents or children. Chopin is great to the extent that betrays the classic form with absolutely personal solutions To him belong the most beautiful sounds that can be obtained from the piano. Besides the originality of the invention, the accompaniments that support the melodic line, generous writing the left hand is a miracle. Chopin was never happy, destroyed the pens and pencils. He dreamed of the perfect edition of his music. (Valerio Cappelli) possibly the most famous critic of music history was authored by Robert Schumann and Chopin as object. Was published in the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung on December 7 1831.

"Gentlemen, get out the hat: a genius," read the first paragraph. Schumann built there a little scene: the speaker is Eusebius, one of the heteronymous the composer, before touching the opus 2 Chopin: Variations on La ci darem hand. The novelty of the encounter between these two men born in the same year was twofold. A new musical object demanded a new partner writing: this article, the first of hundreds who signed Schumann, was also the birth of modern music critic Robert Schumann, writes about Ela, Chopin, a introduced the spirit of Beethoven in the concert hall, "he writes in the commentary of the piano concertos.

Reduced Marble Floors Terrazzo

The process of cut and polish the marble floors, terrazzo or granite is pre-polishing process and applies to new pavements or pavements with old worn out and scratched the surface over time. An inexperienced person usually tends to confuse the terms "polished floor" and "ground shine" while for professional floor polishing are two completely different concepts. Each of these two services is characterized by a different procedure, and use other machines and other equipment for each of these services. The main task of a lower service and marble or terrazzo is not to make the floor shine but serves to equalize the surface of newly laid tiles. In the process of placing soil is virtually impossible that a floor installer put them in a perfect flush. We explain using the example of a motorcycle repair shop has been placed on the floor of a repair shop terrazzo tiles. As the tiles seemed placed in a perfect, managers have requested a service exclusively pickling and polishing the surface, without recess. When the workshop started its activity, it appeared that the edges of the terrazzo tiles were damaged and broken when workers moved from site of large displacement motorcycles, dragging along the ground with supporting posts.

It turned out that the construction company has never polished (lowered) this soil, which would equal the surface, but directly proceeded to shine. Polished service, or route is then applied to new pavement, freshly placed to eliminate the damage caused during placement and to match together. It is often also make the service of recess, polished and refined in the marble and terrazzo floors where the surface has deteriorated and worn with the passage of time. The recess and polishing of marble or terrazzo floor is to polish the floor with stone polishing machine using different grains. The first lowers the topsoil with very coarse grained rock, then paved the surface with medium grit until you reach the finest grain to achieve the level and texture of stone suitable to proceed with its polished.

The Corporate Environment Makes a Difference

It is possible to increase the productivity of a company by making the corporate environment as pleasing and user-friendly as possible. It is important to concentrate on making the office space as functional, comfortable and professional as possible so that the company projects a professional look while allowing the people in the office as much comfort and convenience as possible.

Comfort is essential. Hire an expert on ergonomics to work with each of your employees individually to custom design the right environment for each person. Adjust height of chairs, distance to computer screens, add footrests, adjust lighting and noise level, so that each and every one of your employees can work un-hampered by discomfort. Remember to encourage employees to get up and walk around every hour for ten minutes to avoid repetitive movement disorders and back and eye strain.

Think about the best layout in your space with the number of employees in that space. Communally used equipment, like printers and scanners, should be located centrally, with easy access to everyone that uses that equipment. Position the desks, chairs, shelves, and tables so that they are easy to walk around. Try to maintain as much open space as possible while placing work teams or co-workers from the same departments together for easy communication and convenience.

Other things to think about are noise levels and using mobile furniture to more easily redesign and allow the company to grow more easily. Carpets, paneling and ceiling tiles can reduce noise levels greatly. Segregating employees that talk a lot on the phone or other noisier equipment or personnel can go a long way to reducing the noise level around the quieter employees, and help to improve productivity.

Medical Care Situation in Germany

The KV RLP and the University of Trier, presented their joint supply Atlas. Atlas of care based on a specially developed data management tool that were merged in the data of the CT RLP and the statistical Landesamt Rheinland-Pfalz with results from surveys of medical students and the public. For a comprehensive tool for detailed analysis of outpatient medical care situation in Rhineland-Palatinate was established, taking account of demographic change.

“It is clear that from 2019 the freezing problem will increase significantly in the rural areas in Rheinland-Pfalz, if we do not take countermeasures,” concluded Dr. Michael Smith, Executive Board Member responsible for the KV RLP. To solve this problem, called the CA RLP change, there has been an increase in legal framework and encouragement for the creation of regional networks in the affected communities.

Health Minister Malu Dreyer welcomed the supply of Atlas as a useful tool for provision of medical care. “With the supply of Atlas, another component of the Rhineland-Palatinate master plan to strengthen primary care is being implemented, the country has initiated the cooperation with partners such as the physicians’ association in 2007,” said the Minister.

Major activities of this master plan are for example the establishment of practical and Famulaturbörsen, an early warning system, the development of teaching practices for the practical year and the creation of training networks. The reconciliation of family and career is an important issue.

The Minister also pointed out that the federal legislature on January 1st 2007 which came into force have created a law amending the opportunity for the establishment of branch surgeries and to recruit physicians. About 550 appointments of doctors and over 220 Zweipraxisgründungen alone in Rhineland-Palatinate occupied success.