Robert Schumann

It was a difficult composer tastes. Beethoven, Schubert and Schumann were not among his favorites. Was severe with himself and others, published only works considered worthy. He despised the shallow and deep music, of which there were many examples. It had hidden traces of undeclared thoughts.

Chopin did not reveal the source of his inspiration, which was unique, with no parents or children. Chopin is great to the extent that betrays the classic form with absolutely personal solutions To him belong the most beautiful sounds that can be obtained from the piano. Besides the originality of the invention, the accompaniments that support the melodic line, generous writing the left hand is a miracle. Chopin was never happy, destroyed the pens and pencils. He dreamed of the perfect edition of his music. (Valerio Cappelli) possibly the most famous critic of music history was authored by Robert Schumann and Chopin as object. Was published in the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung on December 7 1831.

"Gentlemen, get out the hat: a genius," read the first paragraph. Schumann built there a little scene: the speaker is Eusebius, one of the heteronymous the composer, before touching the opus 2 Chopin: Variations on La ci darem hand. The novelty of the encounter between these two men born in the same year was twofold. A new musical object demanded a new partner writing: this article, the first of hundreds who signed Schumann, was also the birth of modern music critic Robert Schumann, writes about Ela, Chopin, a introduced the spirit of Beethoven in the concert hall, "he writes in the commentary of the piano concertos.

Reduced Marble Floors Terrazzo

The process of cut and polish the marble floors, terrazzo or granite is pre-polishing process and applies to new pavements or pavements with old worn out and scratched the surface over time. An inexperienced person usually tends to confuse the terms "polished floor" and "ground shine" while for professional floor polishing are two completely different concepts. Each of these two services is characterized by a different procedure, and use other machines and other equipment for each of these services. The main task of a lower service and marble or terrazzo is not to make the floor shine but serves to equalize the surface of newly laid tiles. In the process of placing soil is virtually impossible that a floor installer put them in a perfect flush. We explain using the example of a motorcycle repair shop has been placed on the floor of a repair shop terrazzo tiles. As the tiles seemed placed in a perfect, managers have requested a service exclusively pickling and polishing the surface, without recess. When the workshop started its activity, it appeared that the edges of the terrazzo tiles were damaged and broken when workers moved from site of large displacement motorcycles, dragging along the ground with supporting posts.

It turned out that the construction company has never polished (lowered) this soil, which would equal the surface, but directly proceeded to shine. Polished service, or route is then applied to new pavement, freshly placed to eliminate the damage caused during placement and to match together. It is often also make the service of recess, polished and refined in the marble and terrazzo floors where the surface has deteriorated and worn with the passage of time. The recess and polishing of marble or terrazzo floor is to polish the floor with stone polishing machine using different grains. The first lowers the topsoil with very coarse grained rock, then paved the surface with medium grit until you reach the finest grain to achieve the level and texture of stone suitable to proceed with its polished.

Friendship Beyond Boundaries

A little over two months ending the edition of the Ruta Quetzal BBVA 2009, this year with a duration of almost six months for its division into two: one made in Spain in July and again by Chilean land last December. For the young participants was more than an adventure and a journey, it really has made these young people has been conocido.En that I want to focus now on the theme of friendship. I think there are too many articles that explain all the places and routes for these young corners, but few focus on what really makes the Ruta Quetzal: the roadway. The last day of the expedition, in the act of delivery of diplomas, the head of Jesus Camp Luna, dear to the expedition, said "today is the day we all been waiting for now is the beginning of a friendship forever," These words made a tear fall over one by the very thought that within a few hours were to be separated from those who for this time had become his family. I could write more than one book about each of the stories they have lived these young people, but I'll settle it brought some examples of the friendship shared by these guys. We just got to Concepcion where routers take leave of the Chilean naval vessel "Valdivia", also called "The Shaker" (I think you can imagine why), Daisy, an American expeditionary, down to earth with a few balloons on you can read things like "Happy Birthday" or "we love you." Today is his birthday.

His bandmates have prepared a surprise, all the balloons and still more are now the focus of the cameras and the rest of the roadway. "The love you," said Daisy, smiling at one of the journalists that he is filming. There is always celebrated a birthday on a boat in the Pacific surrounded by friends from all over the world, right? On the way to the Isla de Robinson Crusoe can see a small group of eight expedition to the tail of the "quetzal", "always go everywhere together," says one of the instructors. Francois, router of Belgium, is the only boy among the eight, the monitors joke with him to look after "their seven girls, each from a different country. Continue running while joking and laughing together despite the nearly 6-hour walk that carry over, the famous spirit router.

This is a great example of how friendship knows no borders, cultures and distances, and probably will not understand time and will last forever. It is true that the path never ends, just the trip that made the expedition, but not the spirit. The sample, after two terrible earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have tried everything expedition to get news of their friends in these countries and give aid where they can both have gotten Sem Bruel, Haitian router, get graduating in Spain because in his country has no resources to do so. These are just three examples of the many stories after these young people will have shared unforgettable experiences and who have known the true value of friendship, sharing, solidarity … it seems impossible, but believe me, is very true.

Article Culture

Develop a culture of quality to the implementation of quality concepts requires the existence of a cultural environment conducive to success. The concept of quality culture is very broad, confusing, intangible and therefore difficult to define, so it is necessary to refer to any social group in order to determine the behavioral characteristics of individuals and of their own behavior, which defines an organization . However, you can learn about the cultural characteristics should have an organization and its individuals to successfully face the challenges of total quality. a On the personal quality culture must be closely related to the practice of a morally balanced quality of life, so you must implement the values of the Ten Commandments of development. A personal quality culture is understood as the set of values and habits that has the subject and that supplemented with the use of quality practices and tools in action every day, you can help your organization to meet the challenges that are presented in fulfilling its mission. organizations that want to address today’s challenges require a paradigm shift and incorporate the quality approach, both in the planning, implementation, control and all its processes of production or provision of services. The change to the paradigm of quality requires the existence of an ad hoc cultural environment, I mean a quality culture at both the individual and the organization itself, in terms of habits, customs, values, etc.

The Final

Takes very seriously when it says that: “The only person capable of massive prey is man. including himself, and is obliged to self regulate their unrestricted ability to restrict predatory” train and educate their specialist, the Program considered all aspects to ensure the exercise of their profession, especially given the commitment of non-pollution, providing those basic skills that must be taken into account in favor of non-pollution, both internal within the company, as in the external environment. To do this, each subject who contemplates his relationship integrates the importance of ensuring implementation of functions that do not pass a chance of contamination in the final result, studies evaluating the latest developments that has brought environmental pollution, to that in subjects such as marketing, production processes, quality assurance, organizational behavior, to integrate relevant aspects that help to highlight the importance of being attentive to everything that promotes non-environmental pollution has evaluated the program in its objectives, commitments, what should be their role in non-environmental pollution, to collaborate with companies to offer the region, the country can not pollution in relation to its operations. To do this, we have studied the current situation of environmental pollution and has given way to a line of investigation that will enable its participants through research, providing solutions that minimize pollution, especially when derived from the operation of the company, its production process, from processing raw materials into finished products, quality and productivity required in order to promote competitiveness. It is also considered the final product in all that this may cause and give way to pollution, emphasizes that the role of the market cries for an organizational culture of corporate social responsibility and contribute to the dissemination of environmental culture among its consumers.

Evacuated Tube Solar Heaters FAQ I

FAQ I How does a water evacuated tubes? Solar radiation is converted into useful heat pipes evacuated and sent to the water, so warm. The vacuum tubes removes the heat losses to the environment. The insulated tank (water heater) keeps the hot water 24 hours a day. Residential systems work by thermosiphon effect depending on the type of cold water supply exists in the home or place of installation are two models. System for elevated tank thermosyphon system is used when there is an elevated tank to pressurize the water system of the house, this tank must be elevated at a height above the roof level of 80 cm to 150cm.

If the water tank is below this level, the team will not have enough pressure to operate and does not heat the water. If the water tank is above this level will create greater pressures to supporting the team and must incorporate an automatic float. Tank or solar hot water tank has a series of holes along it, where you place the evacuated tubes. The tube when exposed to sunlight reaches temperatures above one hundred degrees Celsius, the heat is transferred to water containing the tube inside the hot water loses density and weight so it tends to rise naturally to thermo tank, while cold water tends to fall within the evacuated tubes, as it has greater density and weight. Water movement is performed without pump and requires no electrical or mechanical components, this makes the equipment more reliable, easier to maintain and more durable.

NetWorker and His Skills

Where is the delay? In your own mind. Find and delete your car constraints and implement the necessary EMs, this will be your fundamental work and consume the largest initial time, that you need before you touch any tangible results in your hands. As advances in these two objectives, you will notice that your internal resources begin to flow less and less resistance on your part. You’ll notice it begin to hit the target with more and more frequently. In this aspect also carry an added bonus, because we will use your own internal resources to eliminate limiting your programming on par with Mental Strategies Effective programs and that will be much, but much faster and effective than the traditional method, try out – err – correct. When that time comes to realize that you have wisdom to achieve continuous improvement you and also to share, something that will open the doors of the multilevel. If you understand the benefits of multilevel know that only 1% of the efforts of 100 people can represent for you more benefits than 100% of your efforts individual. As an added bonus at the end of this project will teach you how to find, select, train and lead self-motivated people who are truly capable of achieving excellence for themselves, through their own internal resources mobilized to form multi-level teams.

Very different from the naive dreamer who wanted to reach paradise banging blindly. Now you are and you act like a seasoned networker. Radiant unstoppable energy and drive, you sit down to type your first command in your PC. Internally you feel calm, relaxed, secure. Once your goal clearly, look at your work plan.

and refresh your memory, you know that in three or four hours you’re done with your homework for you today and put into action. In the past were controlled by circumstances, but today it is you who controls, so effectively you are mobilizing your powerful internal resources that you create and control your reality. You feel like the mix of power and fluidity tune your entire body. Your internal dialogue is very positive, cheerful words of success, wealth and enthusiastic crowd in your mind and a warm well-being in addition to the power running through your veins. Are you curious to know because I have titled this pdf “NetWorker in a Minute”? The truth is that what started as a humorous parody on all those businesses full of promise illusory, because after all is part of life, and life should not be taken seriously, if you want to enjoy it. But certainly you want to move from where you are to where you want to go and do it in minimum time, if right? Then you need the right tools (Effective Mental Strategies) and above all to become effective, accessing state that only properly attain your remedies.

How To Optimize Your Web Page In Google

Finally a serious person like me, who wants to share the techniques I know, with people who are just starting their own Internet businesses and so help them be successful and prosperous with their website. Because some people have many problems and generate very few visitors to their website, this system will help you generate about 150 visits to 12,000 visits daily or more search engines. Consider for a moment because it is so important to you, position yourself in the search engines today throughout the world and of course throughout Latin America and in Hispanic countries, millions of users every day go to the search engines and consult information about products and services of all kinds.

This is what makes it even more interesting, this whole web visitor traffic is free and well segmented, the website will appear to the user at the very moment that the question about a certain topic. Let us be frank and honest here people are looking for something and you do not find you on the first page of search engine results has no If you have a website basically if you have a website, no matter how pretty it is, or how useful the information you have is, if people do not come to the site will not represent any benefit for you. if you want to find out how even a beginner can get to position your website at the top in search engines and get an avalanche of visits segmented, using a system of simple techniques. if you want more information I invite you to find a gift for the best secrets to learn how to position your website in the top of google if you’re in a very uncomfortable situation with your web site almost daily visits do not have these secrets download will take you to total success with your website.

Providing Information Skills and Knowledge

This system provides information, knowledge, skills, references, collaboration and advice. Among the objectives of executive coaching are that the Board to develop both professionally and personally (ie, develop the 8 Habits of Directors) to achieve optimal performance as a manager or executive and custom development that has any impact at all levels the company. Among the advantages of executive coaching can include: 1.A a The first and most important advantage of coaching is its own provided to a bis bisa : a UA executive does not feel put in evidence, as may occur in practice in groups, and the fear that scrimmage be damaged when talking about his doubts disappeared. a UA develops in a climate of absolute trust and confidentiality. In this way, all issues can be discussed during a coaching session.

a UA continues to be a highly customized process. a 2.A Being an outsider, the coach or mentor helps: a UA Develop an adequate perception of reality. a UA positions from a broader perspective and less individual in dealing with different situations, which leads to solutions from other points of view not previously covered. Some of the conditions to be met by coach are: 1.A a Broad and deep knowledge of the world company. 2.A a Ability to create a relationship of trust, since the credibility (which is only achieved with honesty), assertiveness, understanding a 3A has to be a good communicator, and have the skills well-developed communication, especially active listening. 4.A a Ability to analyze and find the cause-effect relationships that exist in any action and create a personalized development plan effectively. a 5.A capacity to find, not the right answers, but the questions appropriate for different situations raised by its customer. a 6.A capacity to find opportunities in small stocks from day to day, and not in the big corporate actions.

7A a Ability to capture and take into account the variables that govern organizational culture in which the company is that condition the context in which it can develop their performance as Coach. a 8A has to take into account the goals and personal values of the executives on acting, as well as their own. a 9.A able to show how a model of trust, communication, motivation and direction. Finally, coaching is a learning process to develop the capacity for effective action of an individual. Coaching in the organizational context is the creation of conversational spaces to allow reflective processes that result in optimum work results expected by the organization. A coach focuses attention on business processes and identifying the trials make it difficult for team members work effectively coordinate actions. The coach knows that emotions are crucial to the results obtained in organizations. Understand the emotions as a predisposition to action that allows certain things possible and others not. a. a Eng Industrial-administrator, abogado.EGADE (ITESM), UC, University of Chile, Graduate Masters in Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, quality and productivity, education Ed.D. Professor and researcher Graduate Area Faces UC.

Make It Easy to Sell

Here’s an example of how to make an easy and concise text and generate sales to achieve future sales. Prom Visual Services is an emerging company that provides services in the promotion and events covering the needs from different areas. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services for these activities, advising, managing and carrying out each of the resources requested by the customer. Visual Prom offers comprehensive services to the needs of both organization and presentation of events and services or products. Our experience shows that offering facilities and various options in the development of a project is an added value for our customers. Profiles Profile 1: Personal social profile of elite higher (abc1) companies look for her delicate figure and beautiful face, usually university students with knowledge of English that give a higher category for your event.

(Launches, exhibitions) Profile 2: Staff with more coming to the general public, with excellent presence but proximity to upper-middle strata. (Fairs, Malls) Profile 3: Boys and girls from more social media profiles, but with great willingness to work (all this without leaving his good looks) and a great empathy with the public in General (Malls, Volanteo Street) Types of Events Our services are tailored to different types of events. Some of our areas are: Television Extras. Conventions and Congresses. Press conferences and wheels. Fairs and Exhibitions. Awards.

Promotions supermarkets. Models catwalks. Internal meetings business. Evening Events, Inaugurations. Tastings. Weddings, baptisms, communions. Product Launch: cars, perfumes etc. To evaluate the service that best fits your requirements should only contact us and promptly attend to all your needs. Remember that we have from the Stand to use those costumes promote your product or company.